DOS Compatable OS

woodelf bfranchuk at
Thu Dec 15 16:05:48 CST 2005

Gary Sparkes wrote:

>But, that's not the point! I'm doing this to play around and improve my
>coding skills by doing low level stuff I normally otherwise wouldn't do,
>just a fun project :)
Well good ... you can do all my codeing for my homebrew computer.
It has a instruction set you have never seen before and may never want 
to see it again.*
Well just remember a DOS project can take a long time.That is my next 
once I get the hardware built and most homebrew DOS on the web seem to 
have been
unix based.

Ben alias woodelf
*It has in fact a nice simple instruction set. The only gotya is ADC and 
SBC have to
be done PDP 8 style ... shift the link into the AC for 0 or 1 and clear 
the link.

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