Good haul of old pc stuph

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Thu Dec 15 11:43:05 CST 2005

On 12/15/2005 at 9:52 AM Allison wrote:

>All it took was a 8bit/16bit trnaslation usinga pair of latches
>and some buffers. the only part of IDE thats actually 16bits 
>wide is data transfers, the registers are bytes. The MFM 
>controllers of the time had the same register layout.  The 
>WD1003 was likely the best known ISA16 (WD1002 was the ISA8
>version) controller for MFM and it's just like talking to 
>an IDE drive.

Quite a number of the early IDE drives would also support 8 bit data
transfers if IOCS16- wasn't pulled low.  Somewhere on the web, there's a
site from someone who's compiled a list of these.   Many early sound cards
included an extra IDE port for the purpose of hooking up a CD drive.


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