Hobbyist DECnet Network - Update

Robert Armstrong bob at jfcl.com
Sat Dec 17 11:31:59 CST 2005

> What DEC OS's support DecNet?

  Pretty much all of them, although some better than others.  VMS, RSX,
TOPS-10, TOPS-20, RSTS/E all had DECnet, and even RT-11 had some limited
support.  There was an experimental DECnet for OS/8 (really for RTS/8) but I
don't think it was ever finished.

>Will BSD support DecNet?

  BSD is not a DEC OS.  Sorry :-)  Ultrix-32 had DECnet, but I don't know if
Ultrix-11 ever did.  Maybe somebody else knows?

  Linux even has DECnet, but of course that won't run on your -11.

  You can always get a VAX or Alpha workstation - many of them are pretty
cheap these days.


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