Funny TTL pinouts (was Deck of IBM PLAYING CARDS)

Pete Turnbull pete at
Sun Dec 18 14:18:26 CST 2005

On Dec 18 2005, 14:25, William Donzelli wrote:
> > Didn't National at one time (I'm too lazy to go riffling through my
> > books) have a IC family they called "Damn Fast"?
> They were actualyl LH series analog buffer amps - two grades of
"Fast" and
> "Damn Fast". These were marketted for several years before some
> religious type complained, and the National Semi people took it out.
> Pease has a story about it.
> The 'Damn Fast" datasheets exist - I have several editions in my
> library.
> And for the time, those buffers were truely DAMN FAST.

Yes, they were.  I have the "Damn Fast" datasheets, and at least one
databook which includes them.  I have some of the parts too -- I once
built a scope probe out of them.  I think it was one of the application

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