Found the system model! Was Re: Need BIOS setup utility

Marvin Johnston marvin at
Sun Dec 18 19:29:57 CST 2005

Hmmm, I thought that the need for an external utility to set up the CMOS
went away with the 286. IIRC, Cntl/Alt/Ins was used on the/some Phoenix
BIOS chipset(s) to gain access to the CMOS setup routines. There were
several other such keystroke sequences but the only other one that comes
to mind was Cntl/Alt/S. Also, I *think* that the IBM Diagnostics will
also work and might be enough to take away the boot error (excepting
that it doesn't support the 47 HD types used in most of the later

 charset=ISO-8859-1; format=flowed
>    It's a Vobis LCD-386:
>    There was one on eBay early this month, too.  Item # 8730903874
>    Now I just need to find some docs on the board.  There are several 
> jumper sets on the motherboard, and none of them labeled, so I don't 
> know how to zap the BIOS yet.
>    And yes, I can even boot from hard disk.  The generic Phoenix BIOS 
> from the old site lets me set floppy, HDD, 
> and date settings, it's just not stopping the boottime error.
>         Doc

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