Sun Open Firmware - insiders?

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Mon Dec 19 12:47:08 CST 2005


Arno Kletzander said:

[RE: Open Firmware]

> I have a question regarding Sun OpenFirmware that's been bugging me for
> some time now. I'm still struggling for a setup that allows a Sun to netboot
> off a Windows 9x PC (just get a bootstrap, no fancy NFS exports required).
> I'm making do with SuSE Linux 7.0 dual-boot right now, but that's not it.
> What I'm imagining here is to have a look at the code that is responsible
> for the netbooting operation of the Sun. Why does it have to obtain the
> machine's IP, that of the tftp server and what else via rarp? I'm by no
> means a Sun expert yet, but as I've understood it, you can define your own
> FCode commands and store them in NVRAM, so one could modify the boot code to
> use parameters stored in environment variables, either if a flag
> "use-stored-IP?" is set or as a fallback if there's no rarp server around.

I can't really help directly. Even though I've used Forth for 25 yrs and
have both Power Mac and Sun machines here I've not done much with Open
Firmware.   You might try looking at or and see if there are any useful links.

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