When did double-shot keytops disappear?

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Tue Dec 20 23:28:21 CST 2005

Jim Leonard declared on Tuesday 20 December 2005 22:28:
> Roger Merchberger wrote:
> > They can still be had, but they're not cheap.
> Occaisionally someone on ebay will let a Model M go for very very
> cheap with a Buy It Now price -- watch for those.  The ones with the
> trackpoint in the middle are hard to come by, though.
> Then again, the $150 price for those NIB are worth it -- what device
> do you use the most on any computer?  My model Ms are nearly 20 years
> old and flawless, I'd gladly pay $150 to get another if I needed it.

If you don't mind used (I've never seen a broken Model M.. it's hard to 
break one even if you're trying, though I have seen missing/broken 
keycaps or missing/cut off cables), a friend of mine got a couple boxes 
of them (probably 20+ keyboards) for $10 at a large-ish hamfest.

There's absolutely no reason to spend $150 on a "NIB" one off ebay IMO, 
unless you've got that much cash to burn...  the small amount of time it 
takes to clean them to a satisfactory level isn't worth nearly that 
much, unless you get paid Enron CEO wages. :)

As to the durability of them... I've had Model M's I had laying around 
survive hammer blows and my foot stomping on the keys on them.  (yes, I 
really have that many... the ones I did that to were missing some of the 

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