Seagate to Purchase Maxtor

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Fri Dec 23 14:32:46 CST 2005

On Friday 23 December 2005 03:05 pm, Peter C. Wallace wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Dec 2005, Roy J. Tellason wrote:
> > On Friday 23 December 2005 01:19 pm, William Donzelli wrote:
> >>> Somewhere in my storage unit I have service data for one of those,  is
> >>> anybody interested in that enough to make it worth my while to dig it
> >>> out?  No promises as to when,  but...
> >>
> >> Of course! Start diggin'...
> >>
> >> If it is for an IBM 2311 or 3330, dig fast.
> >
> > Not IBM.  Control Data,  maybe?  For some reason "Model 40" comes to
> > mind. It's a weird format,  very large pages,  11 inches is the _shorter_
> > dimension.
> Singer?  ISTR that Singer had a model 40 drive (14 in disk pack) in their
> system 10. Possibly using rotary transformer servo like Diablo Systems...

No,  these were single-platter setups,  typically one fixed and one removable. 
I had one repair to look at that was basically a "Wang Word Processing 
System" or somesuch,  and there was a mini that I tried (not very 
successfully) to deal with called a "GRI" -- the company was out of business 
when I came into the picture in 1985,  and they had a guy who would come in 
from out of state from time to time to tweak things.  I still remember having 
to find exactly 5.06 volts across one specific capacitor to make things work 
right.  That had four racks,  and drives in two of them,  and it was a much 
nicer setup than the one I'd encountered besides,  which was a "pedestal" of 
some sort,  took two of us to move it.  The rack-mounted units in the mini 
were in drawers that you could pull out,  and I think tilt down at full 

I remember one time they started having all sorts of trouble with that 
machine, and it turned out that the temp in the machine room had gone up by a 
few degrees,  due to a bad belt on the outside portion of the a/c that was 
slipping.  Fussy,  that thing was!

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