other Utah collectors?

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Wed Dec 28 11:49:50 CST 2005

In article <43B23A31.7080901 at Rikers.org>,
    Tim Riker <Tim at rikers.org>  writes:

> Richard wrote:
> > Hey, any other Utah collectors on this list?
> I've just moved to South Jordan. I've got a collection of HP minis.
> http://rikers.org/gallery/hardware

Nice!  I wrote my very first programs on an HP3000 running whatever it
ran in 1978-1979 :-).  They had a series of 25 BASIC programs that
taught you basic -- TUT01 through TUT25 and I ran them all and taught
myself to program that way!

Does this sound like something that is on your minis?  I'd love to see
it again.
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