looking for Tektronics Basic for a PDP11/05

Jerry Wright g-wright at worldnet.att.net
Mon Dec 26 11:50:23 CST 2005


  I have a Tektronix  7704A Scope with a P7001  Storage Processor (DSO)
which hooks to a DEC PDP11-05 for storage.  I have most of it working
except for the Tek  4010  Terminal (missing)

  I don't have the Boot Disks for  the Tek  CP1152 (DEC PDP11/05)
Computer.  The manual says it is "TEK  SPS Basic V02-01". Was on
8" floppy.  There was  also a Diagnostic disk  for the Scope system

Any help would be much appreciated,  or send me in the right

Thanks, Jerry

Jerry Wright
JLC inc
800.292.6370 PST
g-wright at att.net <mailto:g-wright at att.net>

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