AMD bit-slice machines

Don North ak6dn at
Fri Dec 30 20:01:22 CST 2005

Richard wrote:

>Besides the Lilith Modula-2 workstation, what other computers were
>made from the AMD 29xx bit-slice architecture?
In the DEC world, PDP-11 11/34 and 11/44 FPPs, 11/44 CIS, 11/74 CIS, 
UDA50 disk controller,
VAX 11/730 CPU, PDP-10 KS10 CPU were all 2901 based bit slice 

Most of the main CPUs (PDP-11, VAX) used 74181 ALU slices (or later on 
gate arrays for the VAXen).

IIRC the Three Rivers PERQ was also a 2901 based design.

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