server maintenance

Doc Shipley doc at
Sun Feb 27 12:13:13 CST 2005

Jay West wrote:
> Got all the websites moved. If any of you have trouble with your website 
> on the classiccmp server please email me directly.
> Now I'm working on the last bit... going through the archives and 
> rebuilding them. A bit more of a pain than I'd normally think, because 
> the mailman archive rebuild program doesn't handle large files which of 
> course the mbox files are. So I'm having to break them up by date ranges 
> and import individually. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of 
> programs to manipulate and break up mbox files, so I'm writing ditty's 
> to do it.

   Jay, we've recently converted some clients' mailservers from mbox to 
maildir operation.  I used a Perl script named to migrate all 
the client accounts' mail archives.

   If having each spool as a directory and post as a separate file in 
the directory will help, grab mb2md.  It's very well-documented and as 
far as I can tell it's completely reliable.

   It's also not horribly slow, given the task it has.


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