Apple _1_ on ebay???

Bill Sudbrink wh.sudbrink at
Fri Jul 1 12:13:15 CDT 2005

> > >  o Every last person discovering this listing (except you <g>)
> > >    would keep it a secret so as to hold the price down.
> >
> > Believe me, I considered #2 (above).  However:
> >
> > 1) It has been in a banner ad for five days.
> ?
> > 2) It has 20 bids on it including a couple of known ebay "deep pocket"
> >    bidders.
> So?  It's been shown time and again that some of these deep pockets have
> more money than brains, so why should their interest in it be any
> indicator of authenticity?

No, no.  you misunderstand me.  My reply was in response to the
don't let the "secret" out aspect of the message I quoted.  I was
asserting that it was not a secret and there was no potential for
a bargain.


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