Talking of the 380Z...

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Jul 2 17:10:21 CDT 2005

> I don't have any kind of docs for a tape-only system though; only ones

Nor do I. I've never actually seen a system without disk drives either, 
although I am pretty sure they existed.

> for disk systems - which happen to describe tape procedures too. Maybe
> you have some different ones. It was more that I'm surprised they didn't
> say in the docs that it was an RML part, or avaialble from RML or
> whatever.
> The Disk Information File does mention a "Firmware reference manual" as
> having more info on the COS tape routines and a description of the
> interface - maybe that one has more details in it about the dual tape
> controller. It's not a document I've seen.

I think I do have a COS firmware manual somewhere, but it will take some 

> > Incidentally, do you have the COS (monitor ROM) source listings? They 
> > were available from RML, but I didn't get them with my machine, alas.
> If you can stand a PDF I think this is the one :-)

OK, thnaks...

> 489KB, so not too huge either :)
> I've brought a bunch of RML floppies home for the week from the museum,
> so I'll see what's on those and at least make a few backup copies. Might
> well be something interesting (I don't believe we've got any RML stuff
> on tape though)

Pity. I'd hoped at least one original RML cassette esisted somewhere. 
>From reading the manual, it appers that the phase of the replay signal is 
critical (it was with some other tape interfaces too) and I was hoping I 
could get an original tape to set up against. Oh well....


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