Need help with a 11-23+ and a RX-02 , Repost

Allison ajp166 at
Tue Jul 5 16:30:04 CDT 2005

>Subject: Need help with a 11-23+ and a RX-02  , Repost
>   From: g-wright <g-wright at>
>   Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 13:28:44 -0400
>     To: cctalk at
>I'm trying to get one of my 11-23's going and finally
>got around to setting up a TU58 emulator. got it
>to boot RT-11 and now trying to get a RX-02 working.
>I have 3 controllers and 3 sets of RX-02's.  All do the same
>thing. The just seems to not be able to find track 1 or Home
>or ???  The heads just keep going from  home to maybe the
>first tack and back.  The heads do load and the system tries
>quit a few times then pauses and tries again. It then errors
>on drive failure or  read error directory not found, size
>function failed depends what I ask it to do.  I have tried all
>of the boards and drives. all or them seem to do the same
> thing.  I do not know  how good the drives are but can't
> believe there all bad.  
>I have recheck the switches in the RX-02 and the Jumpers on
>the cards.  Cleaned the drives. tried different disks.
>Is there some kind of   compatibility issue that i do not know
>about. Or do I have 6 dead drives.
>The system is a Micro PDP 11,  8 slot Rack mount, with
>1 M8189     11-23+
>1 M8067 KB  256k Memory
>1 M8639 YA  MFM rx50 controller
>1 M8029     RX-02 controller
>- in this order.
>Everything else seems to work.   I added the floppy card
>but the rest is original.
>Thanks, Jerry
>Jerry Wright
>JLC inc

Either you blew the interrupt grant chain (the 8639 should be last!)
or you didn't put a bootable system on the disks.

The boot behavour suggests that the boot track is bare or worse.
You should have done a copy/boot to get the system bootable off floppy.
since you can boot RT via TU58 you should make sure you have the DY 
device loaded and do a DUP /bad DY0:. A tu58 system (or emulator)
is big enough to carry all the needed devices and drivers.

As far as compatability, I've used RX02 with every Qbus I have 


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