Xerox 6085's

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Jul 7 14:49:52 CDT 2005

> I recently acquired a pair of 6085's, 1 keyboard/mouse.    I have spoken 
> with the guys over at Digibarn and they've been very helpful with 
> info.     The systems don't have monitors so getting them tested, and 
> running again is at a standstill.
> I am looking for 1 or more monitors, any manuals and/or documents on the 
> 6085's, Mesa and Viewpoint.    If anyone has any spare boards, 
> keyboards, basically anything that they may be interested in 
> selling/trading, please let me know.    I'm also still looking for a 
> Star8010 as well.

I won't have time to work on mine for quite a bit, but just a heads-up to 
say that I have a Daybreak with monitor but no keyboard or mouse. I 
figured out the keyboard protocol by borrowing a keyboard and attacking 
it with logic analyser, etc, and I have some schematics for the boards. 

_If_ I ever get time, I'll take a look at the monitor and see what I can 
work out...


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