DEC 11/45 build - advice sought, parts requested possibly.

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Jul 8 18:27:15 CDT 2005

> Ok, so the obvious question is...
> If I add a 2nd bay.....
> 1) How unobtanium are the parts necessary to bolt the two H960 racks 
> together?

IIRC, it's just 8 nuts and bolts. Or at least that's what I used to fix 
the 2 racks of my 11/45 system together.

> 2) Can the MF11-L be present in the machine along with the M7891 in the BA11 
> (in the 2nd rack)? Can both the core and the semiconductor be used at the 
> same time? Or do I need to pull the core boards out of the MF11 to use the 
> M7891 in the BA11?

You can have any mix of memory up to the maximum amount your processor 
can address. If you have the KT11-C boards, you could, for example, have 
32kW card and 92kW MOS (remember 4kW of the address space goes to the I/O 
page). Provided you give all the boards the right power, it'll work fine.


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