Computer Museum

Tom Jennings tomj at
Sun Jul 10 03:28:08 CDT 2005

On Thu, 7 Jul 2005, Jules Richardson wrote:

> Problem over here is that we're on a crowded island and the Government
> place use of buildings for museum space pretty much at the bottom of the
> ladder; I imagine that isn't so much of a problem in much of the US.

Here in the US, there is essentially zero (0) chance of any public
involvement in a museum that won't make a lot of money. A
side-effect of the corporatization of everything. Even the
Smithsonian is hosting a "creation science" exhibit with corporate
sponsorship. (the current euphemism is 'intelligent design',
similar to the use of the phrase 'depleted uranium'.)

Public funding for the arts has been reduced to a practical zero
by right-wing corporate goons, sicko christian loonies, and the
dwindling resources that remain go to fewer and fewer recipients.

But I digress.

Any group seriously starting a museum will know that longevity is
the key, and that serious donors and lenders of goods know it, and
they know they know it, so a new, legitimate museum startup would
likely forefront their stability -- if they had any -- in outreach
efforts. The implication is, if they don't, they aren't.

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