Public funding for the "Arts" Re: Computer Museum

woodelf bfranchuk at
Sun Jul 10 22:10:03 CDT 2005

Tom Jennings wrote:
> On Sun, 10 Jul 2005, woodelf wrote:

> Second, computers -- as products -- are not science. Science is
> not technology, and technology isn't science (the subsuming of
> science *into* technological production is another story).
> Computers are products, not made by 'scientists' but produced in
> factories by the lowest-skilled label it's possible to get away
> with.

That sounds just like the underware I just bought.
Made in India,USA or some other third world country.
Where is the made in Canada label?

It is sad to say computer development is in the hands
of bean counters.
Now how about using nice slow organic plastic transitors
and make vacuum tube speed computers. Now that would be
3rd world techology. The real advancement for the future
is to recycle our envorment and that is not about making
$$$$ sadly.

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