Teleprint 390

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at
Sun Jul 10 16:03:13 CDT 2005


> Is the 'call control unit' -- the electronics chassis on the right hand 
> side -- the same?
On *my* 390 there is a slightly different "call control unit". But I 
have several 33s and nearly each has a different ccu. Normally you don't 
have to worry about that if you have a current loop device in working 
condition. There are also a lot of different wiring options for the 

> where the mechaical bits are normal Teletype ones, but the 
> call control unit is very different. It's built on a couple of PCBs (!) 
> and can handle both RS232 and current loop interfaces.
Hey, that's cool. PCBs are normal in all CCUs.
It will be hard to find schmematics for that.

> Believe it or not, the Teletype manuals for the Model 33 do have cleaning 
> and lubrication charts for the cover...
... but there's no information about glueing together broken pieces of 
grey plastic....  :-)

-- Philipp

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