Al Kossow aek at
Mon Jul 11 18:40:42 CDT 2005

Not much 1000 stuff - I rarely even hear about it. 2000 (2500) is 
but rare.


I think most of that came back as trades to SGI, or were field upgraded 
they could to the 020 IP CPUs.

Weird Stuff (was trying to remember when, probably late 80's) got SGI's 
I wasn't interested in that sort of stuff at the time. Did build a nice 
31xx and
wrote all of the disc contents to tape from what they had. Was a lot of 
fun stuff
on those discs.. Even back then, there was very little 1000 stuff. The 
rarest were
the 1000 attached graphics terminals running the Stanford V Kernel.

I gave the SGI to someone.. probably long done by now. I remember 
running down to
the Univ of Arizona to pick up a 3130 around the same time, and working 
on the SGI
hardware FAQ.

They really weren't very useful as a GP workstation, though, because of 
the way
the frame buffer worked. Everything went through the graphics pipe and 
processor, so you couldn't just BLT to the screen. They used Excelan 
enet cards
so the TCP/IP had the usual problems (IP adr hardcoded, et. al.)

Still have a bunch of print sets for the Multibus boards. Just waiting 
for the
last of SGI to croak before putting them on bitsavers.

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