Power and the RA82

Scott Stevens chenmel at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 11 19:04:28 CDT 2005

On Mon, 11 Jul 2005 19:15:03 -0400 (EDT)
William Donzelli <aw288 at osfn.org> wrote:

> > I would not take the chance, personally.  Maybe it's because I own
> > my home and I happen to like living in it and all the stuff I've
> > accumulated thus far in my life ;)  It's not that much work to run
> > the correct wiring.
> Nor would I - but I am a son of a Chicago hospital electrician. I
> still use thinwall and BX (and even got exposed to thickwall a weekend
> ago).
> It is not much work, but for anyone that does this, please research
> the project so everything is code. Too many people take shortcuts.

We have knob and tube wiring in part of our house here, and scanty, if
any, grounding.  The switchbox/fusebox is bolted to the outside of the
house in the back porch, and newer upgrade boxes and switches cascade
down the wall beneath the original, which appears to be from the 1920's.
 This place was built in 1900 and the wiring and other fancy stuff like
running water were added years later.

I *do* need to upgrade the wiring and service sometime soon.  There are
places in the cellar (which is beneath only one room of the house) where
the wiring, although quite sound as far as I can estimate, is very scary

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