KDJ11 eproms / M7554-PB conversion?

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Thu Jul 14 16:16:56 CDT 2005


Does anyone have direct experience replacing the eproms in a M7554-PB?

The top layer says "CPU KDJ11-D". It's s-box and is labeled M7554-PB.

The eproms are 27C256's.  I want to replace them with 23-261E5 and
23-262E5 images (16k, or 27C128) to turn the board into (hopefully) a

I managed to erase two 27C128's and burn them this morning but I discovered
that the instructions I found on the web 


don't match my board (very nice instructions, none the less - thanks!)

I may just try it and see what happens, or reprogram the 27C256's with
the image doubled, just for fun.


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