Decitek Reader and Remix punch

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Jul 22 15:22:32 CDT 2005

> Assuming that things obey the standard, which pre-PC stuff usually
> did, you can tell from the connector gender whether you need a null
> modem or not.  If the connector is DB-25 male, use a null modem cable;
> if female, use a straight through (DTE to DCE) cable.  The former is
> what I would expect, but surprises happen...

I find one of those little in-line RS232 testers very useful for this. 
Just plug the appropriate end into the connector and see whether it 
drives pin 2 or pin 3. You can also see what, if any, handshake lines it 

And if you get a crazy pattern of lights, it's a good bet it wasn't an 
RS232 device in the first place.


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