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On 26-Jul-05 at 14:11 Ethan Dicks wrote:

>On 7/26/05, Michael Sokolov <msokolov at> wrote:
>> Bruce Lane <kyrrin at> wrote:
>> > I almost forgot to mention... All the Data I/O programmers I mentioned
>> > in my last note have a distinct advantage over many others: They will
>> > work with nothing more than a 'dumb' ASCII terminal attached to their
>> > serial port for control.
>> But how would you then get the image to be programmed into the box?  Does
>> it support something like XMODEM/YMODEM/ZMODEM/Kermit on the terminal
>> port, or is an ASCII terminal not really sufficient, i.e., maybe they
>> can only use a terminal to control mass duplication, but initialing image
>> loading still requires a Losedows box?

	Not at all. Data I/O made a nice, free DOS terminal emulator utility called 'HiTerm' available. It contains a command set which allows you to transfer files between the programmer and the host computer, subject to the 8.3 naming pattern limitation inherent to DOS.

>I'd love to know what a 29B wants in terms of logic device programming
>input, and what external tools I'd need to go from either a PLD file
>or a JEDEC file.  If the 29B takes unaltered JEDEC files, that'd be

	JEDEC is indeed one of the recognized Data I/O formats (#91, if I'm not mistaken). However, in order to read or program PLDs, your 29B must have a LogicPak adapter plugged into it, and the appropriate device adapter plugged into the LogicPak.

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