ST-506 hard drive emulation

Brad Parker brad at
Tue Jul 26 15:21:48 CDT 2005

>On Jul 26 2005, 14:42, Jules Richardson wrote:
>> I don't think there's a need to handle anything complex in the virtual
>> drive. I believe an ST506 drive's purely a data store/replay device and
>> it knows nothing of the actual data stored on it - most of the circuirty
>> on board is presumably just motor control and head amplifiers / filters.

You'd need to encode the bits correctly so the data/clock seperator
worked, and send the index pulse.  But other than that it's just a bit

humm.... :-)

As I recall the interface is essentially 5V TTL.  I'm sitting here
starting at an arm cpu with a cpld on it and about 34 gio pins, all 5v
compatible... hummm... :-) I wonder if this little SAM7S cpu could keep
up.   hummm....


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