How to remove disk from MPI 9448 and prepare it for shipping?

Billy Pettit Billy.Pettit at
Fri Jul 29 18:59:22 CDT 2005

I have a MPI 9448 cartridge drive that has a cartridge in it that I need to
remove and I also need to prep the drive to be moved. Anyone know how to do
this? I don't know if I can power it on or not. The power cord to the system
has been cut off and was 3ph 220 anyway. If the drive just takes 110VAC 1ph
I can probably get an extension cord to it. Otherwise I need to know how to
get the cartridge out without power. Joe 

The top cover can be removed  by taking out the two screws on the sides.
Then slide the entire top cover (black) to the rear.

Now you find the door release solenoid right behind the cartridge door.  You
can release it manually with a long thin screwdriver.  You should be able to
fold the door down, which will break the magnetic seal.  By pulling the door
down, the carriage assembly will move up and forward and the cartridge is
riding on Teflon grooved rails via four pins.  Just slide it out.

If it is wedged or won't come loose, there is a worse case scenario to
remove the entire carriage.  Loosen the 6 screws on one side only of the
carriage assembly.  They are at the top on the sides.  Don't take them out.
The bottom of the carriage side can be pulled out enough to come off the
guide pins and lift up and toward the front. There are two arms attached to
the front door and the carriage.  It is easier to remove if you disconnect
the arms, but I've done it without disconnecting.

I was factory tech support on these drives and the Hawk/Falcon/Lark for 10
years up to 1986.  I may have a manual or two, but unfortunately don't have
any parts.  Incidentally, the designer of the 9448 is VP of engineering here
at my new employer, WD.

Billy Pettit

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