Analog modem emulator?

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Sun Jul 31 15:17:58 CDT 2005

I have seen something like that. It essentially simulates a telephone
network. You would use it to test modems, for example, or to connect
machines that had internal modems. I think I saw it being sold by Black Box.
They are not the cheapest outfit in the world. It's like buying at the local
convenience store. IIRC they were over five hundred dollars. 



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> Subject: Analog modem emulator?
> Just curious...has there ever been a device available to 
> anyone's knowledge that functions like an analog phone line 
> and allows transmission via TCPIP?
> For example, taking an older BBS system that has 5 internal 
> modems in it, and plugging the lines into this "mystery" 
> device and then being able to telnet to different ports and 
> it makes the connection to one of the ports?  
> I've seen the UDS-10 device from Lantronix to emulate a 
> serial modem, so essentially you can telnet to it from 
> another PC and it fakes the computer into thinking someone's 
> "ringing the phone, etc...but I want to take it one step 
> back...leave the modems in place but emulate the phone lines.  
> If it rings any bells, or if someone can think of a scenario 
> this might be needed in, please drop me a note and maybe 
> it'll help me track down something...
> Thanks!
> Pete

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