Serial Configurations (was Devilish Altair Serial ConfigurationProblem)

Richard A. Cini rcini at
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	No success so far. I'm going to write a small test program
tomorrow to accept a character from the SSM and echo it back. I have the
two ports configured two different ways -- the first equivalent to a
Revision 1 SIO (active low) and the second equivalent to an 8251. It's
still a remote possibility that the board is bad, so I hope this will
flush it out.

	I'm still hopeful that someone on the list has a working SSM
2p-2s that they could report on how it's configured and how the cable is
wired. This has bothered me all day, which usually means it's a hardware


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>	The problems I'm having have to be related to status bits and
>initialization. The board is an SSM 2p+2s which is based on the TMS6011

>(which has lots of equivalent UARTs such as the COM2502, 2017, TR1402, 
>AY3-1015). The SSM board is very flexible -- I can change status bit 
>order and polarity to match almost any configuration need. Right now I 
>have it strapped to match the Altair Revision 1 SIO board (ports 0/1, 
>RxStat=bit0, TxStat=bit1, active high polarity). I've also tried TxStat

>at bit7.

That should work.

>	Does someone have sample working code for initialization, input
>output? I have a few datasheets but none of them give sample code 
>sequences. I'm missing something here and I'd appreciate a push.

OH, one more detail.. Most of the MITS software when loaded inits 
based on the front pannel sense switches (IN FFh).  The configuration
sets the board in use and bits.  T he setting are in the MITS software


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