IMSAI Score update/Spare BYTEs/Got an Altair too

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Thu Jun 2 09:06:25 CDT 2005

Yes, I think I heard this before :-)

I'm excited. I opened the IMSAI last night and it's immaculate inside.
There's only a slight layer of dust on the power supply section. The buss
connectors look like they're in great shape and the switches appear only
gently used with a nice "snap" action.

I spoke to Todd Fischer and he places the serial number (#3526) in either
the second or third quarters of 1976. A Bicentennial IMSAI!

I've never seen an IMSAI before in-person. The front panel does not have the
white "IMSAI 8080" logo. You can see a silhouette of it under the Plexiglas
mask. Does the logo light-up when turned on? Maybe this is a replacement
mask (although the screws do not appear to be disturbed)?

It hasn't been used in 15 years. I'm going to load the supply this weekend
and hook it up to a variac.

Does anyone have any recommendations for appropriate supply loading for
testing purposes?


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> 	I received a second set of boxes from my IMSAI donator. 
> Today, I received the IMSAI itself, a copy box of BYTEs and a 
> box of S100 cards. This adds to two copy boxes of 8" disks 
> and another box of S100 boards I got a few weeks ago.

Did I mention you suck :-)

There are only 10 types of people in the world, those who understand
binary and those who don't.  

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