HP 3000?? Thing-a-ma-jig available

Lee Courtney lcourtney at mvista.com
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I suspect this allows more expanded terminal connections to a classic (i.e.
stack architecture) HP3000 beyond what you would normally have via an ATP.
ATP is the hardware for serial terminal connections. On the Series 64/68/70
there was a bulkhead for this in the main CPU cabinet. Maybe this is for a
Series 44/48/58?

In any case only useful on larger classic 3000s.

Stan Sieler might have more info.

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> As part of another deal, I acquired a piece of HP gear I have no
> interest in
> (nor do I know for sure what it is).
> It's an HP 30151A or "ATP Expansion Package". It appears to have
> 24 modems
> in it, or serial ports at the least (I haven't popped the cover).
> Pictures of the unit are at:
> http://www.ezwind.net/jwest/hp30151A
> Can someone elicudate what this is and what it's designed to
> connect to? If
> it's nothing I can use... it's available for shipping costs.
> Jay West

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