IMSAI Score update/Spare BYTEs/Got an Altair too

shoppa_classiccmp at shoppa_classiccmp at
Fri Jun 3 20:19:38 CDT 2005

> OK, I pulled the front panel apart tonight and I found out that
> whoever owned this model colored the silkscreen with magic marker.
> Bogus!

> Anyway, I can get a new photomask from Todd Fischer for $20.
> Well worth it.

My IMSAI manual came with a paper copy of the photomask for users
to customize with whatever legends they wanted.  It recommended
that you take the resulting artwork to a local repro shop and have
them make a transparency from it.

Of course, in 2005, we have new technologies for doing this.

Note that some resellers replaced the "IMSAI" logo on the
artwork with their own (like Cromemco's rebadged IMSAI, but there
were many others.)


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