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Sun Jun 5 05:30:07 CDT 2005

Hi cctalk'ers,

I think it's really, really, important to make more people aware of our
hobby, so I finally created an .rss feed for the newsletter.  Well, sort of.
Instead of syndicating ALL of the articles, I'm only syndicating summaries
of each issue's highlights, with hyperlinks back to the "Subscribe here!"
page.  That way, newbies can get an idea of what CCN is all about, and then
read more if they desire.

I would be very grateful if anyone chooses to include the feed on their web
sites.  You'd be doing the hobby a favor.

The file is http://www.snarc.net/ccn.xml ... It applies to the most recent
14 issues; each week I'll update it with the FIFO method.

Also: this is my first-ever shot at doing .rss, so if you experts out there
spot any obvious mistakes, please tell me in a PRIVATE message to
news at computercollector.com.  No need to make newbie .rss blunders into a
cctalk topic, right?  :)

...And now back to our regularly scheduled yapping about Nascom keyboard
connectors, Pozidriv, .PDF manipulation, etc.

  - Evan K.

 Evan Koblentz's personal homepage: http://www.snarc.net
Also see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/midatlanticretro/

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