another site update - PDP11/60 !

Gooijen H GOOI at
Mon Jun 6 01:51:30 CDT 2005

  Just like Dave, I have been a bit busy.
First, with the resurrection of a PDP-11/60 from a low boy
corporate cabinet into an H960 tall rack, doing a bit of
DIY work to make all fit and taking pictures in the process.

Edward and I went to the UK 10 days ago, where I picked up
the 11/60 (Edward got some goodies too), and then we spent
a very nice weekend at Pete's in York.

Sunday afternoon I even found some time to work on my site.
Check out  and especially the "PDP-11/60"
folder, and of course the link "11/60 in H960 rack"  :~)
Some XXDP doc is also added, but I have not yet shot pix
of the boards ...
I have not yet read about the diagnostic LEDs on the FP board
and the LEDs on one of the CPU boards, so any info / comments
are most welcome!

- Henk, PA8PDP.

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