Dodgy IBM PC Convertible power supply

Kevin Handy kth at
Tue Jun 14 09:55:47 CDT 2005

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

> That's what I'm thinking, but then maybe not. I've tried cleaning both
>the power connector and the switch several times with contact cleaner, but
>that had no effect.  I'm not ruling it out yet, but because of the way
>this thing powers on sometimes and not others, I'm suspecting a bad
>capacitor or something(?)
I have a e-machine PC with a flakey power supply somewhat
like that. It's a small, underpowered unit that will sometimes
power up all the fans when you push the button, but not always.
Doesn't ever bring up the boot screen. Plug in a known good
power supply, and everything works (but it doesn't fit the case).

The old power supply has a lot of heat darkened points on
the PC board, but nothing obviously wrong. Probably not
worth the effort of fixing.

To test the switch, can't you just temporarely attach another
switch (aligator clips?) in parallel, and see if the new one
works? It would eliminate the switch as the problem.
I'm assuming it is a simple momentary contact switch.

>Will have to troubleshoot more.

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