Retrochallenge, 2005

Tim Riker Tim at
Tue Jun 14 15:23:16 CDT 2005

Ronald Wayne wrote:
> On it not being a challenge: setting aside the thought that a lot of
> people will have trouble because they use the latest hardware
> alongside their old machines, there is still that issue of the machine
> multiplier.  Any determined user of an early-1980s machine will have a
> lead in the endurance and online challenges simply because they are
> earning two or three times as many points while doing the same thing. 
> So while 68040s and 80486s are permitted, they are at a disadvantage.

But existing code can be used, yes? So one could load up a 486 with a
Linux distro including POP3 IMAP SMTP NNTP FTP IRC HTTP Gopher apps, and
 be done. Much easier than trying to get a tcp stack working on some of
the others. I suppose a uClinux build on a 68k could do all this too.
Doing it on a 6502 would be a real challenge. (let alone something like
an HP-2100 ;-)

on a different note, I wonder why you have ftp for send and recieve at
150 points, but http recieve only at 300 points. http send and receive
are easier to implement than ftp send and receive. Ditto for gopher.
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