FS/FT: Two Xerox 6085 computers

Ryan Blair blairrya at msu.edu
Tue Jun 14 23:15:12 CDT 2005

Due to the size of these and lack of interest on my part, I have two
Xerox 6085 computers and some associated bits in need of a new home.

http://tinyurl.com/ccm3j has some pictures of this stuff

Since these are fairly heavy, they will be pickup only from 48821 (near
Lansing, Michigan).

Best offer or trade. Most interesting trades to me right now would be
IA64 or PPC gear, but I'm open to other things.

A fair bit more detailed description of what I have follows.


Xerox 6085
    Hard drive is labelled as "XPIW 2.0"
    P/N 140K05980: LPO (printer port) >--- a half-height card
        140K05560: IOP (ethernet, floppy, keyboard, serial comm, serial
        140K04160: MBP (bus extender port)
        140K01000: MEB (no ports on this card, extra memory perhaps?)
        140K00460: DCM (display port)

Xerox 6085
    Hard drive labelled as "Viewpoint 2.0"
    P/N 140K05550: PCE (PC emulator card?) \____ these are half-height
        140K05980: LPO (printer port)      /     cards that share a slot
        140K24340: IOP-2 (ethernet, floppy, keyboard, comm, printer)
        140K24590: MBP-2 (no ports on this card)
        <blank slot>
        140K24580: DCM-2 (display port)

Other hardware:

  2 Xerox mouse pads
  2 mice
  1 keyboard
  2 floppy enclosures (one with a drive in it, one with just air)
  1 extra hard drive tray (from browsing the docs, it looks like you
                           need an ST412/ST506 if you want to replace
                           a drive)
  These computers do not come with monitors. I do not know if it is
  possible to easily cook something up to connect standard monitors to


  1 Training and Reference: Xerox Viewpoint
  2 packets of loose documentation
  1 MS-DOS User's Guide for the 6085
  2 Workstation Equipment and Installation
  1 Xerox Viewpoint 1.1 GW BASIC by Microsoft
  1 Reference: Document Editor

  VP font disks (around 20 disks)
  VP Spellchecker 1.1
  VP Terminal Emulation of DEC VT100 1.0
  VP NetCom 1.1.2 common software
  VP NetCom 1.1 network install scripts
  VP PC Emulation 1.1.7
  6085 Xerox Viewpoint 1.1.7 (Basic Workstation #1)
  Xerox PC Emulation Utilities VP 1.1.7
  Xerox MS DOS 3.10
  Xerox GW Basic 3.10
  VP Document Editor 1.1.2 (disks 1-3)
  VP Local Laser Printing 1.1
  VP File Conversion of ASCII documents 1.1
  VP File Conversion of Wordstar Documents 1.1
  6085 VP Long Document Options
  VP File Conversion of 860 Documents 1.1
  VP Data-Driven Graphics (Bar, Pie, Line) 1.1
  VP Local Draft Printing 1.0.1
  VP RemoteCom 1.1.2 (disks 1 and 2)


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