Does anyone have an Altos CPM/MPM machine available?

Doc Shipley doc at
Wed Jun 15 14:41:49 CDT 2005

Bob Shannon wrote:
> I'm going to try to get my old Altos 5-15D working.
> Currently its having a problem during power-on self test, drive B does 
> not seem to
> be seeking to track 00.  The machine will not boot from A: without 
> thinking the B:
> drive is happy.

   OK, now I'm convinced that the system board is jumpered for floppy 
characteristics.  My 580 has one floppy drive and a hard disk, and does 
not recognize a second floppy disk (unterminated and jumpered to ID 1) 
at all.

   Some service docs would be very helpful, wouldn't they?  :\

> The drives are CDC 720K 5.25 inch, full height drives.
> I'm looking for spare drives, a parts machine, or a working Altos.

   Me too.

   By the way, I find mine much more enjoyable since I replaced the 
110VAC case fan with a 120mm 12VDC fan.  It moves nearly as much air and 
it's a lot less noisy.  Plus, at 9W, the 110V fan must have been sucking 
nearly as much power as the rest of the box.


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