NEXTstep web browsers

Witchy witchy at
Wed Jun 15 18:40:47 CDT 2005

>>for such a modern browser.
> How slow is it?  I Happen to run firefox on a P166 and also run it on
> a P100 and its ok, slow to start but then fine.

The slab contains a 25mhz 68040 and mine has a staggering 8mb of RAM. I
think I'm asking too much of it :)

> Shame Offbyone (OB1) isn't availab;e for other platforms very fast
> though very simple.

I'm working on the last versions of OmniWeb but they require me to install
many things from CD which I'm not about to do at half midnight since I've
got to be up in 5 or 6 hours......curse this 'work' thing - why can't we
be paid handsomely for preserving ye olde silicon of yore?!


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