Classiccmp Retirement

John Lawson jpl15 at
Thu Jun 16 00:05:28 CDT 2005

   After a lot of thought, and realizing that my interests have changed over the 
years - I am retiring from the Computer Collecting Hobby and transferring my 
Stuff to someone who actually wants it... ;}

   My interest was generally with PDP-11 hardware - and to just 'have the 
machine'.  I have done that. In over a year, I have not had power on to any of 
the machines here - nor any real desire to - and I'd like the room back, from 
my storage spaces, my garage, and most of two walls in my office.  I will now 
devote more time and space to my other passtimes - my electronic music studio, 
my vintage Ham Radio AM station, etc.

   I have greatly enjoyed my time with this hobby - and have amassed literally 
tons of equipment and doc and media - once before I sold my entire collection, 
when I left for overseas work - the present 11/44 system was aquired (by remote 
control) while I was yet living in southern India.

   But now it's time to move on.   I'd like to thank the many friends a friendly 
folk on this maillist, and I wish you all well in the future. I'll be 
un-subbing very shortly, but those of you who have my e-mail are invited to 
write any time.

   Thanks again to everyone here who has given so generously of their time and 
expertise, and I am proud to have played a very small part in preserving Legacy 
Computing for future generations.

   Not 'goodbye', but "So Long!"



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