Default password for Pick system on an AT?

Richard Beaudry richard.beaudry at
Thu Jun 16 08:04:05 CDT 2005

On 6/15/05, SP <spedraja at> wrote:
> In my manual of PICK it talks about the SYSPROG account. It comes by default
> without password, but of course someone could put one. 

Sergio, and Jay, and all others,


SYSPROG did it.  No password ... I think this was a "personal use
only" system, so no surprise at the lack of password.

I did some more targetted Google-ing and found a PDF book on Pick
BASIC, so I guess I'm on my way :-)

One concern is that I did NOT get any install disks or docs, and the
hard drive this is on is an ancient one, making funny noises....
Hopefully it'll last a little while....

Thanks all for the help!
Rich B.

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