IBM 9348 9-track tape drive

Eric Smith eric at
Fri Jun 17 20:12:40 CDT 2005

Al wrote:
> You may want to compare your drive to the documentation on the
> HP 88780 under bitsavers/pdf/hp/tape

Lyle wrote:
> These 9 track SCSI tape drives (HP 88780) were AKA 7979A, 7980A,
> 7980XC/SX.
> The were OEMed by a LOT of manufacturers, including IBM, Sun, Tandem, etc.

Note that most of the OEM'd drives were nearly identical to the generic
HP drive.  The IBM 9348, though, has an entirely different control
panel (not just different legends).  I have no idea how much difference
there was to the innards.


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