New Scientist article on retro computing

Tim Shoppa shoppa_classiccmp at
Sun Jun 19 14:34:40 CDT 2005

>> I guess you didn't notice that I posted the same link on Thursday.  :)

The overall scope of the New Scientist article is about the same as
the MIT Technology Review article, but the substance is remarkably

In the New Scientist article, hobbyists (like us) come to the rescue
to enable the libraries and archivists to get at the old stuff.

In the MIT Technology Review article, only major defense companies
gunning for the $100M+ contracts are players.  No grass-roots
involvement at all.

A few years ago, esp. when Simson Garfinkel was a regular writer
(and editor?), I really enjoyed MIT Technology Review.  The past
couple of months it has taken a major turn towards venture-capital
and defense contractors.


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