DEC collection rescue...Dallas, Tx]

tom ponsford tponsford at
Sun Jun 19 18:22:06 CDT 2005

For some reason, I don't see this posted after sending, so my apologies 
if this was posted in the meantime.

This was from the comp.sys.dec newsgroup. this morning. Anybody in Dallas?

> I am going to get rid of 7 or 8 VAX 6400 and 6500 machines, including 
> many spares, some SF-200/900 storage, and alot of other doo-dads. Some 
> machines have DSSI, some CI. Some have BI bus.
> All were removed from computer rooms. Most recently, a pair of hevily 
> loaded 6410's with BI and SF900 fresh from Sony's decommissioned fab 
> in San Antonio.
> Have also a couple three top-load 9-tracks like the one on the right 
> in this picture:
> and 6 LA120's or LA-120-like DEC consoles. Several boxes/lots of old 
> dec parts also.
> What's my best bet for getting one entity to come take them all, in 
> one lot, load them up and move them out?
> Bring two bobtail trucks with liftgates, and a couple big boys to help 
> load.
> Located in Dallas, Texas
> (I suppose this might be of more interest to a reseller, even if they 
> live on as parts, but they have to go, and I can't bear to push them 
> to the curb, if you understand.)
> I also have, on separate deal, about an 8' high stack of VAXstations 
> and storage expansion as well as about a 6' high stack of 
> lunchbox-style microvax 2000 stuff like this:
> also CRT's for the vaxstations, extra parts, pedestal-type vaxen  like 
> this:
>  and Q-bus boards and keyboards, VT terms, etc.
> also, much 'classic' PC stuff, very old PC/XT laptops, and enough 
> parts to carry you through the apocalypse after which VMS and DOS will 
> be the only two things still running.
> All must depart. No time for ebay.
> -- 
> rest begards,
> Patrick Jankowiak
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