Altair Fan

Gary Sparkes mokuba at
Sun Jun 19 18:50:36 CDT 2005

On 6/19/05 7:19 PM, "Tony Duell" <ard at> wrote:

>> harddrives go up on me (Admittingly, IBM DEATHSTARTS), one
>> motherboard that ate ram for Breakfast!
> Now, you see, I'd have wanted to figure out what was wrong with said
> motherboard _before_ it damaged more than one set of RAMs.

Give me credit that I realized it was eating the ram, I was 11! :)
>> Of course, can't refute the argument about the internet
>> connection :)
> Or the space. The dexktop area needed by a laptop and printer is not that
> much smaller than that needed by a desktop PC + not-too-large monitor +
> printer.

Understandably worried about failure, I can see where this might
Be limiting, but you wouldn't need to print if you could view
Onscreen, no? Though I understand how some people prefer
Paper to screen, sometimes it works better and is
More economical then printing out.

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