Altair Fan

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Jun 20 17:21:22 CDT 2005

> > Or the space. The dexktop area needed by a laptop and printer is not that
> > much smaller than that needed by a desktop PC + not-too-large monitor +
> > printer.
> > 
> Understandably worried about failure, I can see where this might
> Be limiting, but you wouldn't need to print if you could view
> Onscreen, no? Though I understand how some people prefer
> Paper to screen, sometimes it works better and is
> More economical then printing out.

I _muuch_ prefer to read documents on paper than on-screen [1]. I can't 
easily read from a screen in bed, for example (OK, I am the only person 
who regards service manuals as light bedtime reading, but I do...). And 
ehile I may have a reasonable memory for schematics, I certainly don't 
think I can remember them well enough not to have to refer to them when 
I'm working.

Therefore, I'd either need a machine that could sit on top of a 
partly-dismantled minicomputer, survive molten solder and the odd tool 
being dropped on it at my workbench, etc, or I'd need a way of printing 
out at least selected pages. If I could view on-screen I'd probably not 
need to print the entire manual, but even just wanting to print the 
schematics or the waveforms, or whatever would need a printer.

It's also a lot quicker for me to flip through a paper manual and 
recognise if a page is a schematic, listing, hex dump, exploded view, 
general text, etc than to display the pages from a pdf file on any PC 
I've eve rused. 

[1] THe often-cited advantage of electronic docuemnts -- that you can 
search them -- doesn't apply to containers of scanned images.


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