My classiccmp non-retirement :-)

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Jun 20 18:40:17 CDT 2005

> Then again, there are even darker spots.  Some time ago I went looking
> for documentation about some Philips computer and found absolutely

For the record, I have some manuals for some P850 series machines. From 
memory : 

P850 (TTL-based CPU): User manual (which includes the instruction set,
bootstrap listing, etc), CPU technical manaul (schematics of the CPU and
PSU bits, nothing on memory or I/O)

P851 (Philips custom bitslice) : User manual (also with instruction set, 
etc), 2 volume techncial manual (schematics of the CPU, PSU, memory, some 
I/O), Floppy disk system technical manual (with the CDC floppy drive 
manual as well), etc

P854 (AM2900 bit slice) : CPU technical manual (preliminarly edition, 
alas withot the microcode source), PSU manual (a very good manual for an 
SMPSU, with schematics, waveforms, etc).

Some other stuff. I think I have a mnaul for a 4-port serial card that 
includes schemaatics, ROM source, etc.

> nothing -- not just for the model I wanted, but nothing for any model
> at all.  About the only thing I could find was a picture of a cover
> page of some manual (in the Google cache, though the website itself no
> longer had it).
> Given that a fair number of CC contributors are European, this is
> slightly surprising.  Not that Philips ever was a particularly

Well, I may have a few manuals, but I have no way to scan them...


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