Slightly (ok, maybe more than slightly) OT: Old Yellow Book CDs

Timothy Hotze hotzet at
Mon Jun 20 11:51:47 CDT 2005


My name's Tim Hotze, some really long term members with archives that 
go way back may find that I used to be semi-active here years ago.

Now I'm working with a cultural policy group at the University of 
Chicago, and I'm part of a project that is using (amongst other 
sources) Yellow Book data.  Whic his great for this year.  And even 
great for last yeah, when we have data.  Its not great for 1996, or 
1992, or any other year - we can't find electronic data from previous 
years; websites are updated continually.  Libraries that I've searched 
have this years, maybe last years, but don't keep any older data 

So here's where I think you guys may be able to help.... as I recall 
from my days of hunting garage sales, there's a lot of chaff with the 
wheat.  I also remember there being published Yellow Book or business 
listing CDs in the 1990's - especially before the dot-com era.  I 
wanted to know if anybody can remember these, if anybody has seen them 
around lying with 486s that you don't want to find when you're really 
looking for an IMSAI or Apple II, and, while I'm at it, if maybe 
anybody knowsi f any older form of this kind of business data that was 
in some kind of machine-readable format?

I'm really sorry for making my 1st post back an off-topic one, but I've 
contacted everyone that publishes yellow page books without success, 
or, appearant knowledge of well, anything, when I've gotten a reply at 
all, and this was the best lead I could think of.

Thanks so much,


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