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Wed Jun 22 03:31:08 CDT 2005

On Jun 22 2005,  0:34, Philipp Hachtmann wrote:
> Hi people,
> on my PDP11/23+ there is that key called "AUX POWER". But it doesn't
> anything on my machine. The only power switch is at the back of my
> machine. And there is an unused connector at the back of the front
> panel. From that little panel goes a cable to the back of the PDP
> ends in an unused connector, too.
> Somebody said something about a power bus?? I have not found the
> Does a fancy power switching (everything in the rack at once) system
> exist? If yes, what do I need to get my rack complete?

As Tony has already said, yes there's a power-switching bus, using
3-core cables terminated in 3-pin AMP Mate-N-Lock connectors.  The
control part is in the 861 (or equivalent) power controller and
consists of a small circuit board that drives a contactor (like a
3-pole power relay).  Those controllers are 19" wide rack-mount units,
usually 2U or 3U high.

The "AUX" switch on the front of your 11/23+ can be used for this, but
there are some jumpers on the panel that ought to be changed - or at
least checked - if you do, because that AUX switch is also used to
switch the LTC on and off.

You should be able to find the printset for the front panel and see
what the cables and jumpers do.

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