Classiccmp cartoon sighting

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Wed Jun 22 13:49:29 CDT 2005

> I wouldn't expect that New Yorker readers know what Fortran is.  Surprised
> they didn't just make it Windows.

Thus we get to the unexpected humorous part of the joke, known as the

For more information, you may want to look at O'Reilly Press "Humour in a
Nutshell", or enrol in a mail-order course.


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> As if this list wasn't crowded enough already.
> cartoon: "How to Avoid Spring Fever", by Roz Chast
> magazine: The New Yorker, 23-May-2005
> panel caption:
>    'Read a long, boring book - preferably one
>     that makes no sence to you at all.'
> book title:
>    "Teach Yourself Fortran"
> Pretty long reach by Chast here --
> but a check actually shows a surprisingly long sales life for Fortran
> books
> written in the last 15 years.
> John A.
> I know spring ended yesterday, but just spotted this

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